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We invite you to join us for a final clap on the 5th July at 5pm to mark the NHS’s 72nd birthday and as an opportunity to say thank you to those we are most grateful for.

To mark the occasion, artist Ian Berry and Halo Vue of ‘I Clap For’ have created a special film. The film includes Ian Berry’s striking clapping hands animation and special works by guest artists.

We also wanted you to be part of this film. We asked you to share who you are grateful for during lockdown and help us clap for their kindness and support. It could be a family member, a friend, a colleague or a key worker.

Thank you for all your lovely comments, drawings, videos and images. You can see all of the contributions to I Clap For in the gallery below.

To find out more about the project visit: https://www.iclapfor.com/


Calder Primary School pictures:

I’d like to give a huge round of applause to the mother of my daughter, Rachel Rae. My ex wife and now my best friend. She’s a matron at Calderdale/Huddersfield Hospitals. Not only has she led her team with wisdom and kindness, she’s kept our family together during difficult times. Calm, honest, decent and loving. Very proud to still have her as part of my life.

Thank you,


We’re clapping for our daughter, Bethan, 25. This time last year, she was a newly qualified physiotherapist, joining from North Wales and due to start working for Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust. Six months later and she is on the front line, as respiratory physio on the ICU as the pandemic hits. We are so proud of the role she and her team have played and continue to do.

We clap for Bethan, we clap for physios, we clap for the NHS.

Thank you,

Paul and Sarah

This is my incredible wife Loren Archer – she is a midwife at the hospital in Calderdale (Babies keep coming!!). Despite the recent challenges of Covid she has stayed calm, worked hard – night and day, and remained reassuring, positive and full of empathy for our children and her women. Shes one of the good ones…


Thank you to all the amazing NHS staff who have been selfless, courageous and darn right amazing! I hope you get time to hang your cape and take well earned rests.

Pam Bhupal, WYH Regional health partnership support at Calderdale Council/ West Yorkshire & Harrogate Health & Care Partnership.

I’m a volunteer at the Piece Hall, I can usually be found in the Piece Hall Story.  On the 5th July my husband Paul and I will be clapping for our son Richard (31) who is a doctor in Nottingham with his colleagues.  During the pandemic Richard has worked on the Covid-19 assessment ward at Derby hospital.  Also, a mobile assessment unit visiting the homes of suspected Covid-19 patients in the Nottingham area.  Additionally, during the lockdown Richard has had nine Covid-19 related academic articles published in the Lancet and the Journal of Public Health.  We are always immensely proud of Richard’s achievements but never more so at this difficult time.

Diane and Paul

We clap for everyone working at the NHS during this crisis and beyond.

Jen and Millie

I thank Tracy Dean my sister who has worked really hard at expect distribution. She has gone into work every single day to clean and make sure everything was safe for her colleagues to work in knowing she suffers with asthma herself I am very proud of her.


Libby is 1 year and 2 weeks old and I’m grateful for her as she is a constant source of happiness and light in my life.

Throughout all the uncertainty, change and worry COVID-19 has brought, Libby’s smile, joy and sense of wonder at the world around her has kept myself and my wife Naomi feeling positive and grounded, with the promise of many, many things to look forward to in the future with our beautiful daughter.


We clap for Jennie, our NHS hero.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff on the relative line at Bradford Royal Infirmary, they have been doing an amazing job of keeping the relatives updated on their loved ones condition while visiting restrictions have been in place, they have provided a great comfort during these uncertain times.

I would also like to thank all the nurses, doctors, Hca’s, domestics and porters at Bradford Royal Infirmary and St Lukes for being amazing everyday and keeping our patients as safe as possible, you are doing a fantastic job!


The Calderdale Public Health team clap for the NHS, key workers, and all of the 900+ residents from across the borough who volunteered to help keep Calderdale safe.

Calderdale Public Health Team

All the staff at Calderdale hospital. I was taken in by ambulance with suspected heart problems. The care, professionalism and dedication to duty was unwavering.
Without them l would have been in a bad way. THANK YOU🌈


I would like to thank all the NHS and local shopkeepers who have helped everyone carry on. But I also want to thank all the kids including my own who have adapted to lockdown and helped parents cope even though they might be scared and miss their friends and family. The kids I know have been amazing staying in and carrying on and knowing to stay safe.


The Royal Infirmary

The Royal Halifax Infirmary on Free School Lane was opened on 28 April 1896 by the Duke and Duchess of York (the future King George V and Queen Mary). It is said that Queen Victoria granted permission for it to be called Halifax Royal Infirmary but the Duke announced the wrong name which was then retained.

The wards of the hospital were named after the people who subscribed to pay the building costs and include local families and industrialists, as well as the well-known Crossley family. The hospital was funded by voluntary subscriptions until the formation of the NHS.

The hospital became part of the NHS in 1948 and was closed in 2001 on the opening of the new Calderdale Royal Hospital. The building is now Grade II listed residential accommodation.

The NHS is 72 this Sunday 5 July 2020! Join the clapping at 5pm to celebrate care past, present and future.

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