Crafts for Adults

Welcome to our Crafts for Adults page! Whether you are looking to learn some new craft skills or brush up on old tricks, we have some creative activities for you to try at home. Please let us know if you have any difficulties with the instructions, or have any activity requests.

Finger Knit Necklace

Have you got an old t-shirt lying around? Jazz up your wardrobe by creating a necklace from t-shirt yarn!

Printing with Yarn

Have a go at this home printing workshop inspired by Alice Irwin’s People Play Sculptures!

People Play Embroidery

This guide has been created by local textile artist Saima Kaur. It will give you lots of ideas to create your own hand embroidery on the theme of people play!

Weave with a Cardboard Loom

Learn how to make a loom from cardboard and start a basic weave. This tutorial is for beginners.

T-Shirt Yarn

Learn how to make yarn from an old t-shirt. This can be used for our finger knit necklace, or for any knitting or weaving activities you are exploring.

People Play Printing at Home

Artworks based contemporary artist Harriet Lawton has created this guide for printing at home inspired by Alice Irwin’s People Play exhibition.

Macrame Plant Pot Hanger

This guide will take you through the steps to make a macrame plant pot hanger from string or cord.

Fabric Soft Ball

This soft ball is perfect for toddlers or young children and can be made with old fabric and tights!

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