The Piece Hall History Resource

Welcome to The Piece Hall history resource! This is a space for curious young minds to discover the history of The Piece Hall through video, images, inquiry and making activities.

The Piece Hall was built in 1779 and is the last surviving cloth hall in Northern England. Over two hundred years ago, large pieces of woollen cloth (27 metres long!) would have been sold here. The cloth would have been produced by families in cottages dotted around Calderdale.

The Piece Hall is an incredible example of Georgian architecture and was built to show off the cloth industry in Halifax and compete with the other cloth halls in the North. The Piece Hall courtyard is bigger than a football pitch!

The Piece Hall has gone through many changes since it was first built – it has seen hot air balloon ascents, tightrope walkers and even been a wholesale market. Today it is a shopping destination for independent businesses, an event and arts venue as well as hosting many family, school and community groups to share more about the heritage of The Piece Hall.

Have you been to an activity or event at The Piece Hall? Why not create a Piece Hall wall hanging and fill it with memories of your visits!


Discover more about The Piece Hall with these interactive educational activities for children. Learn more about how cloth is made and meet the characters from Halifax’s past. Each activity is written with a particular age group in mind and explores a range of different subjects including Geography, History, English, Mathematics and Art & Design. The resources include videos, text, worksheets and making activities. Click on the different themed sections to find out more!

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