Crafty Cupboard for Young People

Looking to get creative? Our creative partners and volunteers have come up with a series of creative crafts for young people to make at home. There is something here for all ages. Have a go! 

The Piece Hall Board Game

Take a tour around The Piece Hall in this board game designed by The Egg Factory!

Positivity Pegs

Fill your house with positive messages with this decorative peg craft activity.

Playful Patterns

Draw playful patterns on paper or outside inspired by nature in artist Venessa Scott’s activity.

Make Your Mates!

Make some fun characters out of loo roll tubes in this activity from The Egg Factory.

The Piece Hall Wall Hanging

Print and make a Piece Hall Wall Hanging and fill it with memories of your visits.

Spring Creatures

Welcome in spring by having a go at making some of these quirky critters.

People Play Inspired Garden Decorations

Grab your milk bottles and some felt tips and have a go at artist Sarah O’Boyles’ garden decoration craft.

Pop Up Umbrella

Create a pop up umbrella card and fill in with doodles and drawings.

Little People Play Printing

Artist Annie Fforde shows you how to create some Little People Play printing.

Georgian Dress-Up Dolls

Decorate, design and dress these figures with Georgian costumes.

Woolly the Sheep Wall Hanging

Brighten up your walls with Woolly the sheep and a glowing sunshine!

Woolly the Sheep Pom Pom

Learn how to make pom poms with this fun sheep activity!

Mono Printing with People Play

Artist Sue Wright shows us how to create colourful, dancing People Play prints from stencils.

People Play Sculpture Making Activity

Artist Alice Irwin has designed a sculpture making activity. Create a bold, playful figure!

Silhouette Shapes

Create your own firework silhouette rabbits and butterflies!

A Special Gift

Give someone special a handmade gift of thanks, friendship or love.

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