Francis Leyland

Activity designed by Jeffrey Andrews

Francis Leyland at The Piece Hall. Photograph courtesy of Calderdale Museums

Francis Leyland was born in 1813 and went to school with his brother at Leyland’s Academy in Halifax. The private school was run by his grandfather William Leyland.

Francis was an antiquarian, printer and bookseller. He lived at Oakwood Villa in Halifax. Find out about Francis, his friends and his job in this video:

Activity One – Halifax Coat of Arms

This is a picture of the Halifax Coat of Arms on the gates of the Piece Hall. It was based on a design by Francis Leyland. The writing is in Latin. Can you remember what it says? See if you can do some research into what the pictures mean.

You can design and colour in your own coat of arms on the template. Write your name around the circle too.

Activity 2 – The Rainbow

This poem is called The Rainbow by Branwell Bronte.

The shower is past, and the sky
O’erhead is both mild and serene,
Save where a few drops from on high,
Like gems, twinkle over the green:
And glowing fair, in the black north,
The rainbow o’erarches the cloud;
The sun in his glory comes forth,
And larks sweetly warble aloud.

Why don’t you write a poem too, inspired by nature and the landscape? You could describe birds, animals, trees, flowers and the weather.

Activity 3 – A Look out of a Window

Take a look out of your window.

What is it like? Is it rainy or sunny, windy or calm, light or dark?

What can you see? People, animals, trees, cars or clouds?

What can you hear? Noisy traffic, birds singing, dogs barking, voices or is it quiet?

What can you see in the distance? How far is it? How long would it take to walk there? What could you see on the way?

Let’s create a picture.

Use some paper, pencils, felt tips or colouring crayons.
• Look at the view from your window, draw what you see and colour it in.
• Draw the window frame around it.
• Try other windows with a different view.

This is your window on the world.

About the artists

Jeffrey Andrews is a practising artist and studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. He produces exhibitions of sculpture, photography, site-specific installations and public artworks in various galleries and community spaces.
He designs and delivers creative learning and historical role-play activities with schools, galleries, libraries, community groups, care homes and prisons. These learning activities are educational, interactive and fun.
Jeffrey has worked with around 100,000 people for over 25 years and is passionate about using the arts to inspire wellbeing and learning for life. He has work in public and private collections across the UK and a studio at Dean Clough, Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Colette McNulty is an actor, writer and director originally from Mytholmroyd. She trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, graduating last year.
Theatre credits include: Leah in DNA at the Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch, directed by Douglas Rintoul; TESS for Ondervinden, Edinburgh Festival 2019 and Tour, directed by Elske Waite; Third Witch/Donalbain in MACBETH at the Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch and the Derby Theatre.

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